Sourcing Services

We are Sourcing Glow, bringing visions into reality! By acting as a bridge between manufacturers and buyers, we provide ease in accounting & corporate services, logistic services, material & machinery sourcing, and product sourcing as per desires. We have highly dedicated business professionals who have contacts with industries not only in Pakistan but also in many countries who analyze the sourcing needs and provide flexible and sustainable sourcing solutions to our clients.
  • Product sourcing (Textile and leather products)
  • Material & machinery sourcing of all kinds
  • Accounting & Corporate Services
  • Product Sourcing (Textile & Leather Products)

    Due to the agricultural country and one of the biggest cotton producers in the world, our textile industry had gotten tremendous boom during the corona outbreak time and still making a good profit. Pakistan’s textile industry has always been one of the crucial pillars of the economy

    Material & Machinery Sourcing

    With the evolution of today’s economy, supply chain management is a complex task but can be achievable with the appropriate strategies. Thus, relationships between manufacturers of material and machinery and end users have become critical and complicated. Sourcing glow; is working like a bridge between suppliers and end users and providing ease in material and machinery procurement.

    Perishable Goods Export

    Perishable food items are among the most sensitive shipment types because of the risk of damage. Due to this nature, such goods need to be shipped more precautiously. Also, perishable products are transported on time and in a specific container to keep their freshness intact.
    By keeping in view the sensitivity involved while shipping the perishable food items, we at Sourcing Glow make sure that all measures are adopted to deliver the items safely to their destinations while keeping in view the freshness of the food. We at sourcing glow deals export all kinds of perishable food items such as seasonal fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc.