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Leather Accessories

Due to the agricultural country and one of the biggest cotton producers in the world, our textile industry had gotten tremendous boom during the corona outbreak time and still making a good profit. Pakistan’s textile industry has always been one of the crucial pillars of the economy.

Being the experienced company in the textile sector and to avail of this overwhelming opportunity, we are providing our services to international brands in textile product sourcing from Pakistan.

Perishable Goods Export

Perishable food items are among the most sensitive shipment types because of the risk of damage. Due to this nature, such goods need to be shipped more precautiously. Also, perishable products are transported on time and in a specific container to keep their freshness intact.

By keeping in view the sensitivity involved while shipping the perishable food items, we at Sourcing Glow make sure that all measures are adopted to deliver the items safely to their destinations while keeping in view the freshness of the food. We at sourcing glow deals export all kinds of perishable food items such as seasonal fruits, vegetables, seafood, etc.

Freight Forwarding Services

Freight Forwarding services nowadays have more challenges because of multiple factors such as government regulations, needs for new technologies, availability of skilled drivers, and increasing fuel prices. Similarly, cross-border shipping is complex; due to the involvement of multiple shipping companies, clearing agents, and transporters.

Due to the complexity, fluctuations, and other factors, our team of experts will handle all the steps professionally involved in transportation, from the starting point to the required destination. We believe in providing good quality logistic services more efficiently by reducing cost and delivery times so that you focus on your business and leave the logistics to us.

Accounting, Tax & Corporate Services

At Sourcing Glow (Private) Limited, we help businesses understand the status of financial health and also help them to make the right decision for growing their business.

Our Accounting & Corporate Services Include; 

  • Exclusive Book-keeping Services to corporate and non-corporate
  • Annual Accounts and Annual Returns for Companies House
  • Statutory Accounts to Comply with Companies Act
  • Management Accounts (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually)
  • Financial Reporting
  • Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning
  • Business Plan/Feasibility Study
  • Quarterly WHT Tax returns, Monthly Sales Tax Returns, Income Tax returns
  • All corporate registrations Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan Single Window & AOP registration.
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