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Company Introduction

Sourcing Glow was founded in June 2021, in an era when the COVID pandemic hit the world. Sourcing Glow started to become one of the highest-ranking companies in the world. We are committed to achieving our goals by strictly following quality parameters, customer centricity, dedication, and work-as-a-team.

A strong CSR program is an opportunity for any company to demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Sourcing Glow was founded to contribute to the betterment of the public, the economy, and the environment sectors. The sky is just the limit! We will positively achieve utmost success by stringently pursuing our core business values of customer-centricity, sustainability, and last but not least, – product quality.

Objectives & Goals


We will work with vendors who are enthusiastically and sustainably committed to satisfying/fulfilling customers’ needs and to put their utmost efforts to achieve the highest levels of product quality with minimum defect rates.


We will focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR). And also, source products from vendors: who are primarily giving importance to social responsibility and giving legally define rights to their workers.


We will work with vendors; who are keen to provide a safe and secure working environment and set their efforts to implement worker safety and structural safety initiatives at workplaces under their control.


We will procure products or work with vendors; who are keen to invest in the environment through emission reductions strategies from their processes and implementation of environmental initiatives at workplaces under their control.


We will focus on working with vendors who are committed to initiating sustainable energy initiatives at their workplaces.

Our Team

Waqar Younas


Hamid Mehmood


Shehroz Akbar

Creative Director

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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